Shopping Center Regulations

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant shopping environment, we ask for your cooperation with the following:


  • Conduct that is disorderly, creates interferences, or endangers businesses/guests is prohibited. Such behavior includes: loud offensive language, spitting, throwing objects, obscene gestures, fighting, running, skating, bicycling, etc.
  • Intimidating behavior by groups or individuals will not be tolerated. Loitering, soliciting, and blocking of storefronts, hallways, skywalks, fire exits and escalators is prohibited.
  • Any picketing, demonstrations, distribution of promotional materials, or petitioning requires the written consent of the Clearview Management Office.
  • Participation in any illegal activity is prohibited on the premises and will be strictly enforced. Such behavior includes but is not limited to: property damage in the form of graffiti and/or defacement of personal property, theft, suspicious drug or gang related activity, possession of a firearm, usage of fireworks, etc.


All youth are welcome to Clearview Center. However, in efforts to prevent fighting, loitering and property damage we are enforcing a parental escort policy. On Friday and Saturday youths (16 years old and under) must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older from 4pm until closing. Minors attending a late movie must provide proof of a purchased movie ticket; otherwise they will not be allowed on the premises unaccompanied. Anyone 21 years or younger should be prepared to show a form of identification during Clearview’s “Parental Escort Hours.”


Apparel depicting profanity, vulgar gestures, or racial/religious/ethnic slurs of any kind is prohibited. Shoes and shirts are required at all times.

Shopping Center Equipment:

Escalators are not to be used as stairways when non-operational. No strollers or wheelchairs are allowed on the escalators. There is a service elevator located near the restrooms for your convenience.

Violators of any of the Shopping Center Regulations will be asked to leave the property or could possibly lead to arrest.

24-Hour Security Line : 504-858-8386